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My mission statement

Today I know, that I am not "too naïve for this world"… That my capacity to see the light in every single human being, beyond their acts and deeds and beyond their self-judgment, is a gift and part of my mission.

I believe in Life, in love, in the Light and the good in every human being. I believe that joy, happiness, health, love and abundance are our right by our essence. I believe in our children, who lead the way into a better future. And I believe we are ready to make the big collective jump into that future; into another level of consciousness.

It is an enormous gift to discover that our dearest, most intimate and most beautiful dreams – of a Universe of love, of interconnectedness, of magic – are true and that we are all guided and loved unconditionally.

May every single being to be able to experience that beauty and peace!

It is my sincere wish that through my work - be it by accompanying people or by translating and conveying messages of light in other languages - people may be touched by light, from heart to heart. That they may find the way to their own heart, their inner beauty and radiance, to their true eternal and magnificent being.

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I am

Some words about myself

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