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Coaching on your way to your true self

Different approaches, different instruments, yet in truth just one goal: accompany you on your path of growth towards a way of being where you can fully and whole-heartedly embrace your life, say 'Yes' to life, to love, to yourself and to others. Empower yourself to live the life you've always wanted, discover your true power and free yourself from emotional burden and limiting thoughts.

Happy Hiking

Language Coaching

Empower yourself in the language of your choice

Fall Foliage

Life Coaching

Empower yourself in your life

21 day life-changer

intense coaching to change your habits for good

Sat on the Rocks

Healing with the de Melo method

Free yourself from emotional shocks and heavy memories

Coaching: Services
Bébé, tenue parent petit doigt

Parental Coaching

Conscious parenting
Indigo, Rainbow and Chrystal children

Meditation by the Sea

Spiritual Growth

Support on your path of spiritual awakening

Coaching for Companies

Conscious leadership in a healthy team is win-win

Bridge Over River

Twin Flames

Coaching and support on your twin flame path

Coaching: Services
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