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Meditation by the Sea

Spiritual Growth

Support on your path of spiritual awakening

More and more people come to a point where they realise that they have spent most of their life in a quest for illusionary happiness. They realise that nothing is what it seemed, and that there actually are anwsers to all our deepest questions.

Some people might be eased into sucha path by life. Others might be forced out of their illusionary comfort zone by a burnout, a disease, a traumatic experience. And yet others might be shaken and their lives set uside down by an out-of-the-ordinary experience or a meeting with their twin soul our twin flame.

Whatever the wake-up call, as wonderful and exciting as spiritual growth is, as hard it can be at times, as it requires us to move ever further out of what we believe to know, face our darkest sides that are well hidden away within us, overcome blockages and heal our inner wounds. More questions may arise than we ever thought we could have!

Well-meaning, non-judgmental support can be prescious, as we can feel utterly alone at times, be faced with fears and doubts and resistance from our ego, or unhelpful reactions by others.

Spiritual Growth: Services
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