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Twin Flames

Coaching and support on your twin flame path

Twin Flames have a mission - and thus responsibility - that goes well beyond their personal story. Twin Flames are amongst the pioneers of unconditional love. Their task is to heal, in the sense

of becoming hole again, to help humanity move into the new paradigm, beyond duality.

It is a challenging path to say the least, as huge pain and suffering are unearthed following the encounter of the twins and need to be transformed in the process.

As a coach, healer and therapist working with the de Melo method, I help you separate the voice of your heart from that of your ego, uncover your illusions, take off your masks, and make the ultimate jump (one step at a time) from a fear-based consciousness with its control issues, projections and expectations, to one based on unconditional love and trust in life as it unfolds. From the illusion of separation to Unity.

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